Tell Us About the Circumstances of Your Arrest

Retain a DWI attorney who stands up for drivers in North Bergen and Union City, NJ

It's normal to feel shaken after getting pulled over for suspected drunk driving, but seeking representation can alleviate some of your anxiety. At the Law Office Of Antonio A. Gonzalez, you can speak with a DWI attorney who has over a decade of experience.

If you were pulled over for drunk or drugged driving in North Bergen or Union City, NJ, you might have been...

  • Asked to provide proof of identification, such as your license and registration or insurance documents
  • Told that you have the right to remain silent and retain a criminal defense attorney
  • Subjected to a breath test which is required unless you're willing to take on a separate violation
Once you let us know what you experienced, we can start building your drunk driving defense. Schedule a consultation with a DWI attorney today by calling 201-662-1427.

Client advocacy is our passion

Client advocacy is our passion

Our firm has been standing up for first-time DWI offenders in North Bergen and Union City, NJ since 2006. Because we've got a bilingual criminal defense attorney on staff, we can speak for those who can't speak confidently for themselves.

Does your loved one need help from a DUI attorney? If so, contact us today.