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Guttenberg, NJ offers all the vibrance of the big city. We're known for being among the most densely populated towns on the globe. And while that offers plenty of benefits - like access to amazing food and a diversity of services - it can also lead to friction among residents.

That's why the Law Office Of Antonio A. Gonzalez is proud to serve residents throughout Guttenberg, NJ. We can help you with everything from custody arrangements to criminal defense. If a legal matter is keeping you up at night, call 201-662-1427 now.

We're here for you through all life's struggles

The Law Office Of Antonio A. Gonzalez has helped our Guttenberg, NJ neighbors through a wide range of legal issues. You can turn to us when...

  • You're navigating a divorce
  • You're fighting for custody of your child
  • You're dealing with domestic violence
  • You've been charged with a DUI/DWI
  • You're facing a traffic violation
  • You're the victim of an accident
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