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Alimony is one of the many issues you'll need to settle during your divorce. With this kind of financial support, one spouse pays the other to preserve their pre-divorce lifestyle. The Law Office Of Antonio A. Gonzalez can represent you if you're going through a divorce in the Union City or North Bergen, NJ area. Attorney Gonzalez will help you deal with issues like spousal support and represent you in court if needed.

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What determines spousal support?

What determines spousal support?

Courts take into account a wide range of factors and issues when determining spousal support. Just a few things a court may consider are the:

  • Ability to pay support
  • Length of the marriage
  • Financial needs of both parties
  • Contributions made to the marriage
  • Standard of living during the marriage
Your attorney will help you understand this process and work with you to gather all necessary documents and information. If you have any questions about alimony, reach out to a family law attorney today.