Get Help Filing for an Uncontested Divorce

Our attorney in North Bergen, NJ will make the process easier

If you and your spouse agree to an uncontested divorce, you can avoid a lot of legal complications and stress. But even when the terms are amicable, the divorce process is still complex. A divorce attorney from the Law Office Of Antonio A. Gonzalez can help you make sure you follow all legal requirements in North Bergen, NJ. If you're ready to file for an uncontested divorce, we will:

Speak with you to get all the required information
File documents with the court for you after you review and sign them
Prepare the summons after the court assigns your case a docket number
Serve the summons to your spouse with all legal documents
Compile all paperwork and forward it to the court after your spouse signs
Prepare a Judgement of Divorce once we receive a notice of court date from the court.
Appear in court with you on the date of your hearing

The process is long, but your divorce attorney will help you every step of the way. Start getting your affairs in order by contacting us today.

Why you should hire a skilled attorney

Why you should hire a skilled attorney

Even if your spouse cooperates with the divorce proceedings, the process is still emotional and exhausting. We understand the intricacies of divorce law in North Bergen, New Jersey. You can rest assured that our divorce attorney will make sure all legal requirements are followed so you can avoid delays and complications with your uncontested divorce. Your attorney will also help make sure your rights are protected and you aren't taken advantage of during the process.

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