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If you're involved in any kind of real estate dispute, you should seek guidance from a landlord-tenant attorney right away. Landlord-tenant laws are complicated-even seemingly clear-cut cases don't always end up with the results you'd expect. Hire an attorney at the Law Office Of Antonio A. Gonzalez for counsel in North Bergen & Union City, NJ.

We have extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in matters concerning eviction rights. If you need help evicting a tenant or you're a tenant being unlawfully evicted, we'll give you the best chance at success.

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Understand New Jersey tenancy laws

Not all tenants have equal eviction rights in New Jersey. The state has three different classifications:

  • Commercial tenants-these tenants must be notified of eviction by formal written notice. The tenant can be removed if they've defaulted on payments, willfully destroyed the premises or clearly breached agreements.
  • Owner-occupied tenants-these tenants have far less rights than other residential tenants. A landlord can simply terminate a lease once the term is completed.
  • N.J.S.A 2A:18-61.1 tenants-otherwise known as the Anti-Tenancy Eviction statute, tenants that fall under this category are protected against unwarranted evictions.

Most tenants will fall under the Anti-Tenancy Eviction statute. If you continue to pay your rent on time and avoid serious breaches of the lease, you should be protected from eviction.

If you have more questions about tenancy rights, contact your landlord-tenant attorney today at the Law Office Of Antonio A. Gonzalez.

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